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Fishing Report – 14 August 2017

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers – Fishing Report 14 July 2017

Once again I’m sorry to say I’ve been absent from the river, my fishing having been limited to the Big Laxa in Iceland so don’t feel too sorry for me! I have heard reports of excellent spinner and caddis fishing for those prepared to fish on into the gloaming. In the absence of any fishing activity my part, here are a few parish notices.

• In mid-July Hilary Langan was at last able to take up her retirement “gift”. A day on the Upper Itchen on the fabulous


Martyr Worthy beat. She and Steve thoroughly enjoyed the experience, casting to rising fish all day in idyllic surroundings. Hilary sends her thanks to members for this unique experience.

• On Friday 29 September Chris Thirtle and his partner Nicky will once again be hosting a coffee morning in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care and the Flyfishers‘ Lodge fishing day for disadvantaged children. This year it will be held at the Locked Bridge hut from 10:00 to 14:00. As usual, if members wish to donate cakes, buns, scones, pies etc then they will be gratefully received. They can be left in either of the huts in the days immediately prior to the event and Chris will collect them.

• Please note that on Sunday 1 October the road from Monsal Head to Upperdale will be closed from 9:30 to 15:30 to accommodate the Monsal Hill Climb. More information can be found at

• Recently I received a distressing photo of a bat tangled in nylon from Bill Ryan. I’ve mentioned before the number of times I come across line hanging from branches and there really is no excuse for this laziness. It brings angling into disrepute and is an embarrassment to the Club. The photo shows a haul of flies retrieved from the bushes the other day by Don Stazicker. The fact that they had not been recovered is bad enough, but worryingly a third of them were barbed. Presumably some of our members are ignorant of Fishing Rule 1 or think that


they are above rules. To those in particular I would also like to point out Fishing Rule 11, which requires all members to show the fly they are using when approached by a Keeper, without being asked. You have been warned! Once again, I urge all members to purchase a Flytriever which can be had from for the princely sum of £12.95. It should pay for itself after a couple of outings.

• Poaching continues to take up a great deal of our River Keepers’ time, so it was very gratifying to hear from our solicitor that on 3 August at Chesterfield Magistrates Court, two lowlife criminals we caught were fined, with costs, a combined total of £1607. Our working relationship with the police continues to improve. Mike Hallam had a bit of a shock the other night when he was accosted by two police officers as he was leaving New Bridge as darkness was falling. They had seen his car and were just checking that there was nothing nefarious going on. They had a short chat about poaching and left with Mike’s grateful thanks for their efforts on our behalf.

• There is never a month when upwings are not hatching but at this time of the year, during the day, terrestrials are most likely to be the best bet. Beetles, Heather Flies and Crane Flies will all be worth a swim. Early mornings and evenings will continue to be the favoured times until September comes with a resurgence of Olives and Stoneflies throughout the day.

Tight lines!

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