Bio Security Policy

The Derbyshire Wye is one of the most insect-rich streams in the UK and it would be a tragedy if anglers inadvertently introduced non-native invasive species into the river.

We therefore insist that all members and visiting anglers follow the “Check-Clean-Dry” procedures recommended by the Non-Native Species Secretariat before and after fishing.  In addition Virkon Sprays are available in all the fishing huts and in the keepers’ vehicles.

If you fish any of the large stillwaters such as Grafham and Pitsford where the Killer Shrimp has become established it is imperative that waders, boots and nets are thoroughly cleaned with HOT water (43 degrees C +) before fishing our waters.

If members fish other waters then we recommend that they consider acquiring a separate set of equipment for sole use on the River Wye.