Bio Security

Bio Security Policy

The River Wye is a very precious eco-system but it is vulnerable to many external threats, not least of which are non-native invasive species which threaten the river banks and native insect populations. These can threats can take the form of invasive plants, such as Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knot weed, and invasive invertebrates such as Signal Crayfish and the Killer Shrimp.

Members and their guests can be unwitting vectors of these unwanted species and therefore should take measures to ensure that their equipment does not harbour these items. At the very least, your equipment (waders, boots, nets etc.) should be thoroughly rinsed in hot water after every fishing trip and allowed to dry before use on our waters. Virkon S disinfectant spray is also available in the Huts and should be used as a matter of course before and after fishing. Unfortunately Virkon is not effective against the Killer Shrimp so if you fish waters where they are known to be present, either use hot water or consider acquiring a set of kit for exclusive use on the Wye.