Flyfishing Outside the Box, by Peter Hayes

www.flyfishingoutsidetheboxCressbrook & Litton member, Peter Hayes has created a website to provide a taster for his new book ‘Flyfishing Outside the Box’.




This is what I look like after 40 years of fly fishing (were you wanting to identify me at on the riverbank) — here on the Derbyshire Wye last October following heavy rain, googling a fly.

I started writing about fly fishing in 1992, first about some fishing trips that turned out to be exciting, and then moving on to looking at fly design in the context of trout feeding behaviours.

I published 18 articles in game fishing magazines over 18 years, and then wrote my first book ‘Fly Fishing Outside the Box, Emerging Heresies’ published in June 2013 by Coch-y-Bonddu Books, ISBN 978 1 904784 562, it is 272 pages of, well, heresy; and 207 photographs illustrating my points.

I have plans for others. The main point of this website is to allow you, if you are wondering what the book is like, to look inside it. There’s a synopsis, some of the content, a summary of the book’s reviews, and there are some photographs too.