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Fishing Report – 18 September 2017

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers – Fishing Report 18 September 2017 I’m not sure why August has such a bad reputation as a fishing month.  My last few visits have been wonderful. The river has been in good order, if a little on the low side, and the weather settled and perfect.  Olives have hatched, caddis […]

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brownie fish

Fishing Report – 14 June 2017

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers Fishing Report – 14th June 2017 Persistent low water has been the feature since the start of the season. Even when we did have rain there was barely enough to register on the gauge. I’m not sure if this is the reason why the fish have been so skittish but my […]

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Roadside Pool

Fishing Report – 16th May 2017

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers Fishing Report – 16 May 2017 After a meeting with Don and the Keepers at the Locked Bridge I popped down to the Roadside pool to see if there were any Olives on the wing. The cool NW wind was still making things hard work but there were one or two fish […]

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fish in net

Fishing Report – 16th April 2017

Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers Fishing Report – 16 April 2017 Grandfatherly duties having prevented my attendance on Opening Day, I had fully intended to wet a line the following day. However, events once again conspired to frustrate me and I ended up spending most of the afternoon dealing with three poachers who had been spotted […]

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The Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers’ Adult Upwing and Stonefly Records 2016

Introduction This is the second year of this project and it has once again produced some interesting results. The way the project works is quite simple. In each of the three fishing huts there are “sample packs” available for members to pick up. Each sample pack consists of a small zip-lock bag inside of which […]

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Cressbrook & Litton Flyfishers Club – Newsletter Autumn 2016

Tenancies renewed until 2026/7 We are pleased to announce that the Chatsworth and Bagshawe estates have agreed to the renewal of our leases for a further 9 and 10 years respectively. The Club enjoys extremely cordial relations with both our landlords, Tim Bagshawe of course having been our Patron for many years. Rents have been […]

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Fishing Report – 15 September 2016

At the end of August the rain fell relentlessly and soon the river was high and dirty. Despite the terrible conditions, Carl Brumby enjoyed a wonderful day fishing every beat on his birthday, of which more will be told in the end of season Newsletter. This is proof of my contention that the Wye is […]

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Fishing Report – 16 August 2016

Despite its peaceful reputation, fly fishing can be a dangerous pastime. In my fishing career I’ve fallen in many times, had my boat sink under me, been stung, chased by bears and had undercut banks collapse on me. All these things and more can be viewed as occupational hazards, to be taken in one’s stride. […]

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Fishing Report – 30th June 2016

My guests had chosen the day weeks beforehand – the mid-summer solstice. Surely the weather would relent and for once we would have a fine day? Not a chance. The rain was hammering down as I picked them up from their hotel. The EA River Level Gauge for Buxton showed little movement but I was […]

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Cressbrook caught fish

Fishing Report – 31st May 2016

Running a fishing club might seem to be a fairly uneventful business but in fact there is never a time when you can just go fishing and have nothing to worry about. In addition to the Cressbrook Mill hydro scheme proposal we now have local residents at Litton Mill expressing concern about flood risks to property and flooding on our path at the […]

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Small Fish

Fishing Report -15th May 2016

When at last the better weather arrived, I thought I would attempt my first evening session.  And there’s only one spot I head for when time is limited – Signpost’s. As ever, St Anne’s Church clock was striking 7.00 as I tackled up on the bridge above the Anglers’ Rest. I had chosen my 10 […]

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Millers Dale

Fishing Report (1st April 2016 – David Marriott)

Click here to download the C&L Fishing Report – 01/04/16

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Bio Security Policy

The Derbyshire Wye is one of the most insect-rich streams in the UK and it would be a tragedy if anglers inadvertently introduced non-native invasive species into the river. We therefore insist that all members and visiting anglers follow the “Check-Clean-Dry” procedures recommended by the Non-Native Species Secretariat before and after fishing.  In addition Virkon […]

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